Seek God’s Will When You Pray

The Son of God knew it was the Father’s perfect will to utterly destroy any works of the enemy, the devil. In the Bible, it says that what He saw the Father say and do, He said and did. When prayer is based on the known will of the Lord, there is unbeatable confidence that rises up from within the one praying. Discovering the will of God on the matter being prayed about is critical.

Jesus Christ is the example to look at when it comes to praying perfectly. He didn’t pray if it be thy will Father when He walked amongst the crowds and healed them. He simply spoke to those difficult situations and stilled the enemy. He spoke to the raging sea and caused it to become still. 

It’s the prayer of dedication

This type of praying is known as the prayer of dedication. Essentially, it’s praying that God’s will is done in any situation. This is not to be confused with surrendering to the devil. Prayer like this is not bending at the attacks of the enemy. 

When the devil attacks you, yield yourself to God. As the Bible says, humble yourself therefore under the mighty hand of God. Whatever may come your way, cast your care on God. As you humble yourself before Him, you are exalting the Word above the situation. And as promised, the Lord will watch over His Word to perform it in your life.

Regardless of the type of prayer being made, put on God’s armor. The Bible says the breastplate reflects your righteousness in Christ. Jesus was made sin so that you could have right standing before God. Believe this promise and receive it. You can pray powerfully because you are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus.

Worship as you pray

As you seek the Lord, worship Him continually. This includes even while you pray. Worship is more of an attitude as opposed to being an attitude. Just as you can pray anywhere, you can worship God anywhere too. God is good and He will receive your prayers and worship any time, anywhere.

A great definition of worship is that you are reverencing God. In the Bible you may see it written as “fearing God”. Yes, God is Your Heavenly Father but He also wants you to receive Him as Your Daddy. 

While praying, reverence and respect Him but do not be terrified of Him. Pray, praise, and thank Him for all that He has given you through Jesus. He paid the ultimate price so you are reconciled back to Him. 

Whatever you do, don’t wait until you need to request something from the Lord. Commune with Him every day. Talk to Him as you would a friend when you pray. Tell Him how wonderful He is. There isn’t a situation that you face that He has not provided for.

The prayer of dedication helps you line up with where God is going. Always be willing to yield to Him and His desires. Never fear Him and always trust His plan for your life. 

Seeking God’s will when you pray serves as the perfect guideline to living a successful Christian life. God knows best and He will never, ever lead you astray.