Cast Your Care On God Through Prayer

God wants all your concerns and your worries placed in His hands when you pray. His sincere desire is for you to commit all your anxieties over to His trust, once and for all. A great way to envision this is to see yourself throwing a baseball into God’s hands. Sure, the baseball still exists but it’s no longer in your hands. If you, or anyone else wants it, they have to take it back from God.

Woman praying alone in church.

Cares in our life is a sneaky strategy of the devil. He tries to stir us up about finances, sickness, or whatever else, in order to get us to start worrying. That’s the thing though, you can choose to worry or you can choose to trust the Lord. As we pray and trust God, we are throwing off our cares and that includes all the weight that that worry has associated with it.

Keep God’s Word in front of you

We have more control over our thoughts than we might be aware of. We can keep the mental atmosphere of our life clean and clear by keeping the Bible in our thoughts. When our mind is filled with His Word, then there is no room for cares.

We control our mind when we are praying, and even when we are not, by casting down every thought that would challenge the integrity of God’s promises. We are to bring those thoughts into subjection to what we know His Word says about the situation. 

The Word of God is the will of God for each circumstance we face. We are to humble ourselves before the Lord by refusing to allow negative thoughts and cares to ever take control of our mind. As we do this, His grace and ability rises in our life to enable us to conquer what we are praying about and facing.

Live with peaceful prayer

The problem with worries, fears, and cares, is they steal God’s peace from your heart. It’s His peace that keeps our hearts and minds clear from being jumbled up with fear. 

When we pray in faith, believing God is working in the situations on our heart, peace always manifests. It is at that point that we can then relax and let the Lord look after the matter.

The truth is, the care and the struggle will leave us but we shouldn’t relax too much. We must keep our minds stayed on God and his promises. We need to think on good thoughts when we pray.

Every promise has a catch

The Word makes it clear that we must not only be hearers but doers of His Word. When we have prayed we need to trust that the care that comes along with it is safely also in His hands. We don’t want to take it back again. 

Going forward, as you step into times of prayer, commit to refusing to worry. When we truly commit ourselves to this lifestyle, it is only then that we can enjoy a peaceful life.

3 Simple Steps To Answers While Praying

One of the big troubles when it comes to Christian prayer is that people tend to pray inaccurately. They don’t really pray about anything in particular and therein lies the problem. One of the keys to answered prayer is being accurate when you pray. An increase in accuracy leads to an increase in accurate results. 

The first step towards being more specific when praying is to base your prayer on the Bible. Basing your prayer on what God says is praying like you are His child as opposed to praying like a servant.

Praying women.

Step one

The first step towards answered prayer is to pray in Jesus name. That’s right, use His name when you pray because through Him, you have immediate access to God. You are no longer an outsider. Whether it’s long prayer of short daily prayers, using Christ’s name garners amazing results.

Now that Jesus has rose from the dead, He is at the right hand of the Father as your intercessor. Through His amazing sacrifice, you can commune with God whenever you like through His name.

Step two

The next step to seeing results through prayer is believing that God has heard you and that you will receive the results that you seek. When you pray and believe you receive the answer, the faith in your heart goes into action and the very thing you desire brought into physical manifestation. 

By basing your prayer on God’s Word and trusting Him, He watches over His Word to perform it and He is obligated to see the results come to pass. He gave the prayer His promise and it’s up to Him to bring it to pass.

Step three

The third step is just as important as the two previous ones. If you want to see results when you pray, live in forgiveness towards others. Yes, when you stand praying, forgive. Even if you are justified in not forgiving someone or you have wronged someone, seek forgiveness.

Trust God while you pray to Him.

The reason for this is because God has clearly stated that it is a requirement to answered prayer. Faith will simply not work in a heart that has any unforgiveness.

Step four

The fourth step is rely on the mighty Holy Ghost. He lives inside of you so look to Him to lead and guide you when you pray. Place your faith in his ability to take hold together with you in prayer. The Spirit of God will pray through your spirit in unknown tongues when you do not know how or what to pray. You can trust Him to pray in alignment with God’s will for the situation.

In conclusion, the Lord has given specific instructions regarding getting our prayers answered. Thanks to Jesus, we can come boldly to the throne of God and expect answers when we pray in faith accurately.

Seek God’s Will When You Pray

The Son of God knew it was the Father’s perfect will to utterly destroy any works of the enemy, the devil. In the Bible, it says that what He saw the Father say and do, He said and did. When prayer is based on the known will of the Lord, there is unbeatable confidence that rises up from within the one praying. Discovering the will of God on the matter being prayed about is critical.

Jesus Christ is the example to look at when it comes to praying perfectly. He didn’t pray if it be thy will Father when He walked amongst the crowds and healed them. He simply spoke to those difficult situations and stilled the enemy. He spoke to the raging sea and caused it to become still. 

It’s the prayer of dedication

This type of praying is known as the prayer of dedication. Essentially, it’s praying that God’s will is done in any situation. This is not to be confused with surrendering to the devil. Prayer like this is not bending at the attacks of the enemy. 

When the devil attacks you, yield yourself to God. As the Bible says, humble yourself therefore under the mighty hand of God. Whatever may come your way, cast your care on God. As you humble yourself before Him, you are exalting the Word above the situation. And as promised, the Lord will watch over His Word to perform it in your life.

Regardless of the type of prayer being made, put on God’s armor. The Bible says the breastplate reflects your righteousness in Christ. Jesus was made sin so that you could have right standing before God. Believe this promise and receive it. You can pray powerfully because you are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus.

Worship as you pray

As you seek the Lord, worship Him continually. This includes even while you pray. Worship is more of an attitude as opposed to being an attitude. Just as you can pray anywhere, you can worship God anywhere too. God is good and He will receive your prayers and worship any time, anywhere.

A great definition of worship is that you are reverencing God. In the Bible you may see it written as “fearing God”. Yes, God is Your Heavenly Father but He also wants you to receive Him as Your Daddy. 

While praying, reverence and respect Him but do not be terrified of Him. Pray, praise, and thank Him for all that He has given you through Jesus. He paid the ultimate price so you are reconciled back to Him. 

Whatever you do, don’t wait until you need to request something from the Lord. Commune with Him every day. Talk to Him as you would a friend when you pray. Tell Him how wonderful He is. There isn’t a situation that you face that He has not provided for.

The prayer of dedication helps you line up with where God is going. Always be willing to yield to Him and His desires. Never fear Him and always trust His plan for your life. 

Seeking God’s will when you pray serves as the perfect guideline to living a successful Christian life. God knows best and He will never, ever lead you astray.

Moms Can Pray

What’s a mom to do these days when it comes to praying? For some, one arm holds a baby and other is balancing the family budget. It’s all about balance and that comes from Jesus. He helps us to maintain a family and our sanity! I am looking forward to blogging about the importance of mothers prayers. When we pray, we change situations and are an important part of the God’s Kingdom. Please be sure to swing back to visit my site again as I’ll be posting more about prayer very soon. Bye for now.