6 Tips for Mums Working from Home (WAHM)


Going to work may be the way for most mums to make a living, but if staying home to work sounds good to you, you’re not alone. About 21% of employed parents did some or all of their job at home. Considering becoming a work-at-home mum (WAHM) yourself? I’ve been going back and forth in the working scene (FTWM –> SAHM –> PTWM –> WAHM –> SAHM) and recently I’m going back to work as a freelance legal counsel where[Read more]

Stay Slim & Healthy with Régilait Milk Powder


Régilait Milk Powder is the number one milk powder brand and a household name in France. As the leading milk powder known in Europe, Régilait constitutes 30% of France’s milk production. With a strong a support from SODIAAL and LAITA (the main milk producers in France), Régilait established in 1947 and is the first dairy cooperative in France with control of the entire chain of milk production; right from procurement at farms to manufacturing of the final milk products.  100% Pure Régilait[Read more]

Great Singapore Sale @POPULAR Online

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If you are a shopping enthusiast always looking for the best deals, the greatest steal and biggest bargain… then you will be happy to note that the Great Singapore Sale is back! Held for ten weeks, GSS (as it’s popularly known) offers massive discounts on almost everything from apparel, jewellery, homeware and electronics to opticals, beauty & wellness and food & beverage. Since GSS is organized by the Singapore Retailers Association, almost all shops, malls & stores in Singapore will be[Read more]

Retro-themed Lilytopia at Gardens by the Bay


Missed Tulipmania last month? Stop and smell the flowers – the lilies, if we’re being specific – at the new retro-themed Lilytopia floral exhibition. The latest exhibition at Gardens By The Bay showcases over 50 varieties and more than 7000 lily bulbs from Europe, sporting the retro deco alongside pop icons like the VW hippie van and the classic records as information boards accompanying the lilies. Let the good times roll! Jump in for a joyride back in time with the first-ever retro-styled floral display. Get[Read more]

Mums, you may have Diastasis Recti!


After going on a juice cleanse diet a few weeks ago, I am motivated to continue with the healthy-eating and keeping the discipline to staying fit. With that in mind, I will be embarking on a 21-day Smart Start Challenge with Genesis Gym in July and so I started asking questions. I’m stoked to have Coach Jonathan Wong, Director of Genesis Gym Singapore, as our guest writer today. Without further ado, here’s Coach Jon sharing his views on a common problem that mums face when they[Read more]

Dear Parent, Avoid Being the Trigger

I shared last week about the importance of having a trigger that will prompt the kids to do the desired habit every time. Adults usually have to come up with triggers for themselves, but parents can help their children by spotlighting triggers for them. The trick is to avoid being the trigger for your child. This is where many parents veer off course in habit-training. They confuse spotlighting the trigger with directly telling the child what to do. Yes, you should explain what you[Read more]

6 Life Lessons from Disney-Pixar’s Finding Dory


The much-awaited sequel to 2003’s Finding Nemo is here. Disney-Pixar’s Finding Dory opened last week and if the turnout at the interactive event in Plaza Singapura and the movie sell-outs is any indication, we know that Andrew Stanton’s latest animated film will do just as well as (or even better than) its predecessor. The Plot For Finding Dory Taking place six months after the events of “Finding Nemo”, amnesiac character Dory suddenly remembers her childhood memories. Accompanied by Nemo and Marlin, she sets off[Read more]

Summer Must-have Staples for Singapore Mums


Summer is finally here and what better way to enjoy the fabulous weather than dressing for the glorious season. Technically, it’s always summer here in Singapore… and because of that, I like to be comfortable in whatever I put on. That is a must.  And as a mummy, I need to have clothes that move more freely and easy to navigate with when I run after my kid. Having said that, I noticed that I get dirty easily when I’ve[Read more]

Habit Training for Every Young Child

Today, we are on the topic of habit training for young children. Have you ever heard of a gandy dancer? I just discovered that term, and I am enjoying the whimsy and rhythm of it. It’s the nickname that was given to railroad workers who laid and maintained railroad tracks, in the early years before the work was done by machines. These men held a long iron pole upright with one end against the steel track. They would wiggle the[Read more]

Encouragement for Mums with Young Children

Recently a mum asked me some pertinent questions about life with a young child. As stay-at-home-mummies, we want our days to be filled with joy, love, contentment and fulfilment. Over and over, others tell us that the years with our children go by quickly and that we should treasure each day. However, we may feel that those giving us counsel have long forgotten the fatigue of being up in the night with babies and sick children, the drudgery of mundane[Read more]